For this man, existence precedes essence...
When I was an undergraduate, Jean-Paul Sartre was considered by many Americans to be the most exciting and dangerous philosopher in the Western world. Since then I have encountered a number of other exciting, if not exactly dangerous philosophers who have commanded my attention and allegiance, but I continue to respect Sartre's work very deeply. I'm glad to provide on this web page some information about this interesting and controversial thinker, but here let me just say that I'm really looking forward to reliving with you the thrill I experienced when I suddenly "got it" by reading Sartre's little book Existentialism as a Humanism. For now, just read Palmer's last chapter and take care of your other class duties. See you on Monday!

For this man, existence precedes nausea...

Like Sartre's own philosophy, this page is still always under construction, but don't forget to take care of:

"The Encounter with Nothingness" (an extract from J.P. Sartre's Being and Nothingness, to be discussed in class - please bring a copy if you can).

"The Chestnut Tree" (an extract from Sartre's novel Nausea).

Essay about the relation between Sartre and his friend Simone de Bouvoir, and her famous book The Second Sex (an optional but very interesting reading about gender and existentialism).